Jake Standley
Unit Production Manager
Jake Standley is a long time childhood friend of founder Patrick Skeyhill. The two talked for years about movie and television ideas, always saying that “someday” they would make it a reality. At long last it is time to show these ideas to the world! While Jake does not have much of a background in filmmaking, he still contributes to Quixotic United in the form of public relations for casting and filming locations. He also assists as unit production manager to make sure the schedule runs smoothly each shoot day.
Kristina of the Woods
Shannon Van Durme
Production Desinger
Shannon Van Durme was home schooled all the way through high school due to extensive globe-trotting. She has taught drama at three different churches and co-ops with student from K through high school. As a jack of all trades she was able to use her knowledge in music and art to build sets, make props and costumes, and oversee cues and choreography. Shannon has now taken the position of Production Designer at Quixotic United Productions—part of the exciting adventure which Quixotic offers. Shannon has a deep gratitude for all those who have played a part in her ever growing adventure.
Alberto D'Agostino
Director of Photography
Studying photography in college has helped Alberto fit into his role of cinematographer and has brought a unique visual palate and skill set to compliment that of Mr. Skeyhill. Passionate about the art of visual story telling, he relishes the challenge of transitioning between still photography and motion picture and is eager to show how the two can influence each other.

You can find his full portfolio 文具・オフィス用品 (まとめ) フェローズ ラミネートフィルム Image Last A3 100μ 5366901 1パック(100枚) 【×2セット】

CP Meehan
Gaffer - Set Designer
In college, CP focused on many aspects of theatre in order to build a solid foundation of experience to draw upon after graduation. Now that he has graduated, CP offers his free time to Quixotic United Productions as their lead gaffer where his theatre background provides a unique style to the company’s films. He began working with the production company in the winter of 2012 designing lights for the short film “Breathfull.” CP would like to thank Patrick and the rest of the production team for the opportunity to work with them, and looks forward to future projects.

You can find his online portfolio 【まとめて10ケース】ごみ袋 45リットル0.02mm厚 黒 10枚x80冊x10箱 1冊あたり65円 KN-42-10 【ポリ袋】【ゴミ袋】【ごみ袋】【エコ袋】【サンキョウプラテック】【送料無料】【smtb-k】【ky】【あす楽】.

Mike Rogers
Sound Mixer
Michael Rogers is a plumber by trade and admits to having no clue when it comes to film making. But when Patrick asked him to become involved in Quixotic United Productions, he was more than happy to throw his inexperienced hat into the ring. He had an amazing time while helping in the production of “Breathfull,” which made him very eager to become more involved in Quixotic. Since becoming a member of the team, Michael has been involved in many aspects of the film making process. Learning the ins and outs of the sound recording, casting, and location scouting, he is extremely excited to work on Quixotic’s upcoming documentary.

展示 掛け物 便利なだけではなく、こだわりのあるデザイン。 生活 便利 4尺撞木 カシュー漆塗り 朱

展示 掛け物 便利なだけではなく、こだわりのあるデザイン。 生活 便利 4尺撞木 カシュー漆塗り 朱

展示 掛け物 便利なだけではなく、こだわりのあるデザイン。 生活 便利 4尺撞木 カシュー漆塗り 朱




朱 の販売となります。お間違えのないようご注意ください。



展示 掛け物 便利なだけではなく、こだわりのあるデザイン。 生活 便利 4尺撞木 カシュー漆塗り 朱,展示 掛け物 便利なだけではなく、こだわりのあるデザイン。 生活 便利 4尺撞木 カシュー漆塗り 朱【運賃見積り】【直送品】サカエ SAKAE 軽中量棚 ND-3127R.【新品】OH ! スーパーミルクチャン ミルク大全集 DVD<【送料無料】死幣-DEATH CASH- DVD-BOX/松井珠理奈[DVD]【返品種別A】-Golden Era of Doo Wops: Glory Records【中古】"Rockabilly Ricochet【中古】,Great Piano Recordings【中古】[AQUOS PHONE Xx mini 303SHケースカバー 豪華スワロフスキーデコ電FLOWER-LUX-303SH,インシピオ Incipio レディース アクセサリー iPhone (7Plus)ケース【Wallet Folio for iPhone 7 Plus】Black!URBANO L01/URBANO L02/URBANO L03ケースカバー 豪華スワロフスキーデコ電RIBBON DOT-LUX-UL0123"【運賃見積り】【直送品】サカエ SAKAE 中軽量棚NE型 NE-9724R(ケイトスペード kate spade iPhone7 Plusケース レディース iPhone7 Plusカバー ボーダー柄 ストライプ柄 【送料無料】 ブランド ケイトスペード正規品販売店 直営アウトレット店より直輸入#【運賃見積り】【直送品】サカエ SAKAE ラークラックアイボリー RLW-2125,レビュー投稿で次回使える2000円クーポン全員にプレゼント 直送 (まとめ) カシオ(CASIO) NAME LAND(ネームランド) スタンダードテープ 18mm 白(黒文字) 5個入×20パック 生活用品・インテリア・雑貨 文具・オフィス用品 ラベルシール・プリンタ.【運賃見積り】【直送品】サカエ SAKAE ラークラック RL-1344R!【運賃見積り】【直送品】サカエ SAKAE ラークラックアイボリー RLW-1344R(【運賃見積り】【直送品】サカエ SAKAE 中軽量棚NE型 NE-2145

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☆【3年保証0円/工事付5年】*コロナ*石油給湯器 貯湯式屋内据置型給湯専用 4万キロ UIB-NX46P[FF]【送料・代引無料】.

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★がんばろう!日本★MCK-093【smtb-td】#【運賃見積り】【直送品】サカエ SAKAE 中軽量棚NEW型 NEW-8714.

【運賃見積り】【直送品】サカエ SAKAE 中軽量棚NE型 NE-1724R^【運賃見積り】【直送品】サカエ SAKAE ラークラックアイボリー RLW-9324!(業務用100セット) プラス カラーマグネット クリップ 大 白 ×100セット.

【運賃見積り】【直送品】サカエ SAKAE 中軽量棚NE型 NE-8344>【運賃見積り】【直送品】サカエ SAKAE ラークラックアイボリー RLW-2315)【運賃見積り】【直送品】サカエ SAKAE ラークラック RLW-8514!【送料無料】(業務用40セット) ジョインテックス ダブルクリップ 中 100個 B751J-M100 ×40セット【代引不可】,

展示 掛け物 便利なだけではなく、こだわりのあるデザイン。 生活 便利 4尺撞木 カシュー漆塗り 朱